About us

This website is aiming atreviving the intellectual and human heritage of the Yemeni historian and thinker Sultan Nagi by documenting, publishing, preserving and protecting intellectual property rights. It is also a serious contribution to the dissemination of knowledge and enlightenment in history of Aden and Yemen, to the development of national culture, and to enriching and developing the global intellectual and human heritage.

To enable readers to read and download different book selections of Sultan Nagi, e-book section was created. This is an opportunity to get access to the author’s other unpublished books. In addition, the website includes different documentation for human heritage like information, photographs, documents, clippings, and correspondence.This website archived by genre.

Furthermore, the website can be considered the first of its kind in Yemen that makes available a large base of books and materials for a local character that is a representative for the Adeni identity during an important era of the South history including, the British era as well the independence period. This diversified website could be a good reference for readers, researchers, politicians, scholars and others.

The website was developed in 2012 but suspended and could not continue operations due to uneasy circumstances that swept Yemen but, commemorating the late Nagi’s 30th death anniversary, the website was updated and relaunched.

Development and management of this website are arranged and run by the sole and individual efforts of the Nagi’s daughter Osan, advocate and legal consultant.