The Purpose:
• Revitalize, document and preserve the Historian and Thinker Sultan Nagi's intellectual and humanitarian heritage and protect his intellectual property rights.

• Participate to bring out the Yemeni History and develop the National Culture.

• Contribute to enrich the International Humanitarian Heritage.

The Task:
1- Establish documental reference (Database) to provide the information to be made available for the researchers and interested people, and updating it continually.

2- Seek to publish and republish the complete works (written intellectual heritage).

3- Endeavor to translate and publish the complete works into different languages.

4- Exchange of information with the individuals and specialized electronic sites.

5- Communicate (extend the bridges) with all concerned scientific and intellectual, cultural and informational organizations, centers and forums, within Yemen and abroad.

6- Launch the call to establish Yemeni National Project under the title of "Sultan Nagi's Project for the Electronic Book" containing his books and the books of other Yemeni writers and poets.