Written About
  1. Al- Yaqada Newspaper

  2. Muneer Omar Kassem, journalist

  3. Sulaiman Mohammed Kalander, former Censor of Libraries in University of Kuwait

  4. Ali Nasser Mohammed (1), Ex-Prime Minister and Minister of Defense (PDRY)

  5. Mohammed Khalifah Al-Tunisi, Egyptian writer, researcher and thinker

  6. Al-Siasah Newspaper (1)

  7. Al-Siasah Newspaper (2)

  8. 14th October Newspaper (1)

  9. 14th October Newspaper (2)

  10. Al- Amal Newspaper (1)

  11. Al- Amal Newspaper (2)

  12. Al-Thawri Newspaper

  13. Yemeni Writers Union – Aden

  14. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arab Historians Union , Society of Yemeni Historians and Archeologists and Yemeni Writers Union - Sana'a

  15. Ali Salem Al-Beed, Ex-President of the Republic(PDRY)

  16. Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Attas, Ex- Chairman of Supereme People's Council and Prime Minister (PDRY)

  17. Al-Attihad Newspaper

  18. Dr. Yusuf Mohammed Abdullah (1), historian and writer, ex-Vice President of the General Authority of Monuments and Public Libraries.

  19. Ali Abdullah Saleh, Ex-President of the Republic (YAR)

  20. Saleh Al-Dah'han, journalist

  21. 26th September Newspaper

  22. Riyadh Shamsan, journalist

  23. Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Ghani, Ex-Prime Minister (YAR)

  24. Saeed Ahmed Al-Genahi, journalist, editor in chief and owner of Al-Amal Newspaper

  25. Ali Nasser Mohammed (2), Ex-President of the Republic (PDRY).

  26. Committee for Defense of Rights and Freedom

  27. Mohammed Omar Bahhah, writer and reporter

  28. Farooq Luqman (1), writer and journalist

  29. Farook Luqman (2), writer and journalist

  30. Al-Thawra Newspaper

  31. Mahmuod Ali Al-Hag, writer and reporter

  32. Dr. Yusuf Mohammed Abdulla (2), historian and writer, ex-Vice President of the General Authority of Monuments and Public Libraries

  33. Dr. Abdul-Aziz Al-Maqaleh, writer and poet , ex- rector of Sana'a University

  34. Abdullah Salem Mohammed, former major in the armed forces

  35. Ma'aroof Haddad, journalist

  36. Alawi Abdullah Taher, writer and researcher

  37. Hamed Gama'a (1), writer and researcher

  38. Hamed Gama'a (2), writer and researcher

  39. Dr. Saleh Ali Ba-Surra, ex- rector of University of Aden

  40. Dr. Ahmed Qaid Al-Sa`aedi, writer and researcher, Ex-President of Yemeni Association for History and Monuments.

  41. Mohammed Zakaria, researcher and journalist

  42. Hamza Luqman, historian and writer

  43. Nigmi Abdul-Mageed (1), researcher and journalist

  44. Hisham Ali Bin Ali, writer, ex-Vice President of Yemeni writers Union

  45. Nigmi Abdul-Mageed (2), researcher and journalist

  46. Fadhel Al-Naqeeb, journalist and reporter

  47. Mutaher Ali Al-Eryani, historian and writer